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Police Impounds

To remove a vehicle from impound, please provide: Proof of Ownership, Proof of Insurance and a Valid Driver’s License.

Impound Hours: Impound hours vary based on which location your unit is located. Please call in advance to eliminate any frustration of going to incorrect lot.


Cash only on all impounded vehicles. No checks, no credit cards, no exceptions.
  • Storage is calculated by calendar day. Each day starts at 12:00AM. This includes all calendar days (weekends, holidays, etc.).
  • If vehicle is on a police hold- the hold needs to be released prior to making arrangements to retrieve the unit.
  • No work is permitted on vehicles at PLC Recovery’s impound lot
  • Property may be removed from a vehicle by the registered owner only after the Towing & Storage has been paid up to date. (You must provide proof of ownership).

We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody threatening or being belligerent.

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